The Book

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I’ve been teaching a Sunday school class for high school teenagers with other adults at my family’s Chicago church for about twenty years. In our class, we begin by assuming there always will be some class members who don’t believe God exists or that His or Her power isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. We tell them it’s fine by us to feel that way, but we ask them to keep coming to class and talk with us about faith. Some change their minds over time, some don’t. A few have told me years later that they found a faith. The plays were written to tell the story of famous people struggling with their God and/or their faith. Fictional characters in the short stories tussle with faith in quick reads of different facets of faith. 

The idea for this book was suggested by my friend Sherri Lasko, who then designed it. I had asked her to redesign the original Stories of Faith website, which contained the five plays, and she said, “You really should publish these as a book. It’s so easy and there is a market out there for them.” I had been writing some fictional short stories about people struggling with their faith and we both thought it made sense to put the dramas and stories together.